Linkages & Collaborations

The Centre is creating working relationships with potential users of the services of the Centre including:

  1. Nigerian Institutions which includes:

    • Central Bank of Nigeria
    • Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
    • Energy Commission of Nigeria
    • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
    • National Planning Commission
    • National Bureau of Statistics
    • Bureau of Public Enterprises
    • State and Local Governments
    • Oil and gas companies
    • Power utilities
    • Private and public companies operating in the energy sector
    • Petroleum Trust Development Fund
    • Education Trust Fund
  2. International Organisations 

    • United Nations Agencies
    • ECOWAS, World Bank
    • African Development Bank
    • USAID
    • UNIDO
    • DFID
    • IDRC
    • GTZ

The above lists are some of the organizations that spend on consultancies, and could wish to partner with the Centre in certain areas of energy research and training.

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