CPEEL Innovative Energy Project Competition

Announcement of Innovative Energy Project Competition by the Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law, (CPEEL), University of Ibadan

The Centre wishes to introduce an annual competition among graduate students with multidisciplinary backgrounds to compete every year on developing practical, innovative, commercially viable projects and ideas that can solve key energy problem that the competing groups themselves have identified. The goal is partly to awaken the spirit of innovation, and entrepreneurship among graduate students.

The competing group must be:

(i)   Multidisciplinary in composition

(ii)  Composed of a minimum of 4 members, including at least a female

(iii) The duration for the project cycle must not exceed 9 months

Each prospective group that wants to participate in the competition must first submit a 2 to 3 page proposal, from which the Scientific Advisory Board Members would shortlist a maximum of 6 to 8 groups.

After a period of not more than 6 months, each shortlisted groups would then develop and demonstrate an operational prototype that would be presented and defended before members of the Scientific Advisory Board members and Management of the Centre at an open forum to determine the best group adjudged to have the most innovative, promising project backed with good business model. The best group will win a prize of N500,000 plus a Plaque; second best Group N250,000 plus a Plaque and the third best finalist will win N150,000 plus a Plaque.

Each interested group that meet the conditions stated above should collect an Expression of Interest Form free of charge to formally register its interest with the Programme Officer at the Centre Office located at No. 7 Parry Road, University of Ibadan.  Collection of Form will end four (4) weeks after the publication of this Competition Announcement.  Each group will have four weeks to submit a 3 page proposal that will:

  1. Articulate the Problem and objectives
  2. Short review of relevant literature
  3. Methodology proposed
  4. Expected Results

All Correspondence and further enquiries must be addressed to the

Programme Officer
Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law
No 7. Parry Road University of Ibadan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07034516060