UI-LISA Team Presents to CPEEL Students and Faculty

The Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan in collaboration with Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA) of the Virginia Tech, United States presented a seminar to CPEEL students and faculty on Thursday, May 14 2015. The seminar focused on approaches to conducting and analyzing survey data.

The seminar was presented by Dr. Olusanya Olubosoye (Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan) and Ian Crandell (LISA, Virginia Tech). Both institutions are collaborating to form the UI-LISA team that will educate statistics students to become interdisciplinary collaborators. LISA’s statistical collaborators are trained to help design experiments, analyze and plot data, run statistical software, interpret results, and communicate statistical concepts to non-statisticians.

The collaboration promises to be of immense benefit to CPEEL students and faculty as they deepen their research that borders on the broad range of energy issues.