Why Consider Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL) as a place to study

The Importance of Energy as a nexus to development cannot be overemphasised, especially in an emerging economy like Nigeria.

This can only come to life when an in –depth knowledge of the various areas that cut across the energy sector is merged. That is the CPEEL experience! CPEEL is the first inter-disciplinary Energy Centre in Nigeria that aims to bridge the gap between the energy industry and the classroom experience.

CPEEL is a centre of excellence, ensuring that its graduates are well rounded to perform effectively in the industry. In less than five years and with an average of 100 alumni from Nigeria and Ghana, CPEEL has taken the appropriate steps to remain relevant as an institution and a research centre to the energy sector through; academic research, regional conferences and consultancy services.

CPEEL is a place to study as it gives an individual a colourful and rich perspective of the energy sector under the expertise of various professionals in the industry