The Global Climate Change Negotiations: The Paris Agreement

The lecture which is part of the CPEEL Special Lecture Series held on Thursday, 28th July 2016 with an opening address by the Director of the Centre, Prof Adenikinju who spoke glowingly of the guest lecturer and urged the attendant to listen with rapt attention and also explore possibilities of networking with him as he is a  well versed and widely travelled expert.

The lecture was delivered by Dr Joseph Essandoh–Yeddu (Ph.D), the Director for Policy and Planning , Energy Commission, Ghana.

The one hour, twenty five minute lecture titled “ The Global Climate Change Negotiations: The Paris Agreement’’ started  with explanations on the general concept of the atmosphere, the  attempts to curtail man’s activities through the early climate related agreements such as The Montreal protocol on substances like Cholrofluocarbons that deplete the Ozone layer (1987-1989), Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (1995-2001).

The guest lecturer  also satisfied everyone's curiosity  on  how global atmospheric variations have been measured over time through the layers of ice in Antartica and  highlighted the trajectory of series of Climate related agreements and conferences  up till the COP21. The focus was on the pitfalls and successes recorded at those by conferences and agreements. The extensive and interesting lecture ended with a general questions and answers session focusing on realistic ways to achieve Nigeria’s ( Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) INDCs among others issues raised during the interactive session.

Attached is the slide of his presentation