Corporate Social Responsibility in the Energy Sector

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CEL 719



Course Summary

The course introduces students to the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which involves an examination of whether organizations should expand their focus from serving stockholders to also considering the impact of the firm's activities on diverse stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility emphasizes the differences between a principled and a pragmatic approach to defining the role of business in society, and obligations of business to specific groups of stakeholders from a legal, economic, and moral standpoint. Specific topics include: Introduction and Overview of the Course Subject Matter; Lawin the Context of CSR; Characteristics of a Corporation and CSR; Corporate Governance; Role of Directors in CSR; CAMA vs. ISA Disclosure Requirements; Role of Government in CSR; CSR and Law in a Global Context: Business and Human Rights; Stakeholders and CSR; the Environment; Sustai nabi 1 i ty and CSR; and Public Interests and Notions of Self Help.