Energy Finance and Project Management

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CEE 717



Course Summary

The course examines the financing options for energy ventures, especially where the attributes above call for multiple sources of funding and sometimes complex arrangements. It also examines how, after funding is secured and relevant projects have been selected, the finance function is integral to the management of projects to ensure successful completion. Specific topics include: Introduction to the Finance Function and Specification of Firm Objectives; Sources of Finance and Determination of Firm or Project WACC; Project Finance and Issues in Petroleum Industry and Gas and Electricity Project Finance; Energy Products and Dynamics of Global Energy Markets; Assessing Financial and Operational Performance of Energy Firms; Valuation of Energy Industry Firms; Introduction to Project Management and Project Integration Management and Review of Models; and Energy Project Scope, Time, Cost and Quality Management. Other topics include Project Management Scheduling Tools - An Introduction; Post Project Evaluation and Control; Human Resource and Communication Risk Management and Procurement Management; and Contextual Energy Finance and Project Management Issues for Developing Countries.