Energy Technology Information System

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CEE 723



Course Summary

An information system represents the nervous system of an organization, institution or society. Accordingly, effective and efficient information systems are required to support energy systems studies, planning, implementation and operation at both the micro and macro organizational levels. Specific topics taught in the course include:

Information Technology and Systems in Organizations and Society; Energy Phenomena: Issues, Variables, Data and Statistics; Information Systems Concepts - Components, Structure, Goals, Management, Users, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, Resources and Technologies for Information Systems - Hardware, Software, Human Resources, Societal, Organizational, and Software Dimensions of Energy Information Systems; Internet Technologies for Accessing Energy Information; Computational Technologies for Energy Information Systems; GIS Technologies for Energy Information Systems; Operational Energy Information Systems - Institutions, Databanks, Networks, Forums, Implementing Information Technology Solutions - Principles, Strategies, Processes, Acceptance, Use and Change Management Issues in Information Systems Innovation, Information Systems Access, Ethics, Security, Privacy and Policy in Organizations.