Statistics for Lawyers 2019 Workshop

Statistics for Lawyers 2019 Workshop



  • Expose to real-world cases and case studies in which statistical data have played a role.
  • Apply the theory to the facts, to calculate results
  • Explore legal issues raised by quantitative findings.
  • Survey standard statistical ideas probability and statistics
  • Identify the traps and pitfalls when handling statistical evidence.


Course Highlights:

•             Refresher – The Statistician’s Toolbox

•             Misunderstandings of Probability

•             Coincidences and Patterns

•             Correlation and Causation

•             False Positives and false Negatives

•             Prosecutor’s fallacy and defence fallacy

•             Expert Opinion Evidence

•             Key concepts in probability and statistics

•             Communicating with experts about statistical evidence

•             Case studies and more


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