Call for Application for R Training

The Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project in collaboration with the Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and law, University of Ibadan is offering a 2-week training course on “Agricultural Data Analysis using R”. This training will be offered by Michigan State University faculty and cover the following topics

  1. Setting up R. Installation, using packages and troubleshooting
  2. Data Manipulation: Merge, Reshape, Subsets, Selection
  3. Descriptive Statistics in R. Summary Tables and Basic Graphs.  
  4. Graphics  
  5. Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regressions.
  6. Panel Regressions. Fixed Effects and Random Effects
  7. Non-Linear Regressions and Other Estimation Methods

The goal of the program is to introduce the R software to young Nigerian scholars and provide them with enough exposure to enable them to conduct analysis of agricultural related data. Trainees will replicate the results in a sample of papers published by international scholars including Nigerians, as part of the learning exercises in the program. Students, upon completion of the program, are expected to be able to train others at their institution on the basics of using R.
Any young Nigerian faculty (less than 5 years of receiving his/her PhD) and PhD students (working on their data analysis) are eligible to apply. This course is for those doing work related to agriculture including agricultural economics, crop and soil science, agricultural extension, animal science, food science, agronomy etc. who analyze data. Please note that there are only 10 spaces and so once these spaces are filled, the call will be closed.

Date: July 9 - 23 2018

Venue: Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law, 7, Parry Road, University of Ibadan  
Tuition Cost: FREE

  • Participants  institution/ professional association will cover travel, lodging and meals
  • Lunch provided to participants on training days
  • Participants are required to come with a  functioning lap top for thee training

Requirements: All that is required of the scholar are the following:
1.    A letter of intent describing  

  • the scholar’s academic background
  • their field (area of study/work within agriculture/energy)
  • current status of their research and topic  
  • level of study (PhD, Post PhD)
  • current position/university
  • why they think they should participate in the training.

2.    CV
3.    Letter of support from their institution/professional organization to finance their travel, lodging and accommodation for the 2-week period.
The program can support in the arrangements for accommodation for interested participants (to be paid for by participant) on a first come, first serve basis.
Please send your documents in one email to the program organizing team at [email protected] Please send requirements as e-mail attachments. Word or PDF documents please. The project may not consider documents in other formats. Other enquiries related to this call can also be made to the email address above.
The call will close when the 10 positions are filled so we encourage you to Apply Now!