CPEEL Student Won Best Poster Award at Petrochemistry-2017, Dubai

One of the students from CPEEL, Kehinde Ogunsola-Saliu bagged an award as one of the best four poster presenters at the Oil, gas and Petrochemistry Conference, a scientific conference, which held from April 3-5 at Dubai, UAE. She had two poster presentations titled: Man-made Challenges facing Marginal Fields’ Development in Nigeria and Economic Analysis of Marginal Fields Development in Nigeria respectively. The first presentation analysed how man-made issues such as politics, insurgencies, pipeline and resource vandalisation and bunkering have impeded the development of the Marginal Fields in Nigeria and suggested practical ways of mitigating and eventually eliminating these challenges. The second, on the other hand, gave an exposition of economic analysis of Marginal Field Developments in Nigeria using the traditional approach.

The students from CPEEL, amidst other students, presented during the poster session which was subjected to scrutiny by three delegates.

Three postgraduate students, Kehinde Ogunsola-Saliu, Bimbo Aremu and Yetunde Omotosho were sponsored by the Centre to attend the three days conference targeted at bringing researchers, academics, scientists, professors, faculty members as well as students together to deliberate on topical issues that are confronting the development of hydrocarbon as well as other energy sources in tackling the global energy supply and demand challenges. The discourse was categorised into three sessions; one for each day.

The conference was well attended by academics, professionals and students across the world. Among the notable speakers were Prof. Jyoti K Sinha from the University of Manchester, UK; Prof. Sayyad Zahid Qamar from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman; Prof. Liudmila berezhnaia from Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, Russia; Prof. Bader S Al-Anzi from the Kuwait University, Kuwait; Prof. Abdelaziz L. Khlaifat from Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, UAE; Huseyin Baran Akinbingol, Board of Inspection at the Ministry of Labour and Social Society, Turkey; Dr. Cynthia Nkolika from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; to mention a few. Some of the attention-grabbing titles include: Bio-ethanol: A renewable source from waste of Beer Industry; Fueling our Future; and An Analysis of Exhaust Emissions from Engines fueled with Gasoline and other Blends with Biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil.

The conference ended with an interactive session among all speakers for possible collaboration and assessment of the conference for future improvement.