Shell Reiterates Commitment to Nigeria’s Quest for Energy Sufficiency, Power Generation

Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) has reiterates its commitment to the Assa North Gas Project and to making it an exemplary one, particularly in Nigeria’s quest for energy sufficiency, for power generation and industrialization”, he said.


The company stated this when a cluster board development for the gas project was inaugurated by the Rivers State and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), at Egi/Igburu for pipeline communities to SPDC’s Assa North Gas project, which has a capacity for 300 million standard cubic feet of gas per day and the potential to be one of the largest domestic gas projects in Nigeria when completed.


At the inauguration, Igo Weli, SPDC general manager external relations, said: “The Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU), that you signed today, sets the framework for long-term partnership between SPDC JV and the Egi/Igburu Cluster. The GMoU runs on the principle of community-led development. Today, SPDC JV commits to...for further reading, click on

Source: BusinessDay Newspaper                         Sept 24,2020.