Abdul Mohammed

Abdul Mohammed

Resident Data Scientist - CPEEL

Abdul Mohammed is an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL). He is the resident data scientist and conducts research in data science and its application to the energy industry. His research interests include Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analysis, The Industrial Internet (Internet of Things), Social Media Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Web Operations.

Abdul is currently spear-heading a Big Data Energy research effort involving the building of energy consumption models from electricity customers’ usage data using Big Data technologies and techniques from the field of Machine Learning. The aim is to eventually use the insight gleaned from the models to encourage energy efficiency in the general populace.  He is also leading the Centre’s efforts to develop an Energy database for Nigeria.

He also teaches an econometrics modeling course using the R programming language.

Abdul is a graduate of the University of Ibadan with a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering.