Dr. Michelle Foss

Dr. Michelle Foss

Centre of Energy Economics, University of Texas, USA

Dr Michelle Michot Foss has more than 35 years of experience on energy and environmental research and consulting (oil and gas, coal, non-fuel minerals, electric power) in the US and abroad in senior positions with extensive public speaking and publications. Her expertise includes global oil and gas, LNG, gas-power, energy scenarios and outlooks. She has developed and led U.S. and foreign projects including corporate funded research and consortia (U.S.-Mexico gas, North America gas-power, global gas and power, North American LNG), USAID/U.S. Department of State (Central Asia, South Asia, West Africa), U.S. Department of Energy (oil markets, U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum, Iraq oil and gas), World Bank (NOCs) and research and training contracts by sponsoring organizations in Japan, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Angola. She is an Executive instructor, UT McCombs School of Business corporate energy programs; co-developer of UT-ExxonMobil global upstream commercial overview program and recipient of ExxonMobil Teaching Excellence award 2013. She is a Senior Fellow, U.S. Association for Energy Economics (2006); a former president of the International Association for Energy Economics (2003); Key Women in Energy-Americas (2003); Scientific Council, 50th Anniversary of ENI Commemorative Encyclopedia of Hydrocarbons (2003); USAEE president (2001). She is also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-Energy Institute board, Oil & Gas Journal economic advisory board; LNG 17 Houston 2013 program committee and U.S.A.-International Gas Union triennium committee; Council on Foreign Relations, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators. Dr. Foss holds degrees from University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Colorado School of Mines, and University of Houston.



Chief Energy Economist & Head of the Center for Energy Economics/UT-Austin (June 2005 – present)
University of Houston Research Director and Assistant Research Professor, and Shell Fellow, energy programs (1991-2005)
Simmons & Company International, 1988-1989
Rice Center, 1985-1988
Colorado School of Mines, 1982-1985
Environmental Consulting, 1977-1981


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